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              Home Depot Mobile App

              the tools to make your 
              project easier

              Download The Home Depot app for free  

              Image Search

              Snap a Picture, Find What You Need
              Find products fast with Image Search.- -

              Voice Search

              Say It. Find It.
              Search by voice, let our app do the shopping for you.- -

              Barcode Scan

              Ratings & Reviews in Seconds
              Use the barcode reader to scan an item and read 
              what other customers have to say.

              Locate Products & Check Inventory

              Locate Products 
              & Check inventory

              We'll take you to the exact aisle and bay

              View Video
              Augmented reality. See it in you home.

              GET A TRUE-TO-LIFE 3D VISUAL

              Augmented reality helps you see products in your space in a few easy steps
              1. Select an item on the app
              2. Scan a room with your phone and pick a spot for your item
              3. See how it will look, feel and fit 

              reach out for answers  

              Use Apple Business Chat to get help from an online associate  

              Apple Business Chat
              Make Shopping Lists & Start a Project

              & START A PROJECT

              View Video
              Discover Savings from you local Home Depot Store

              Discover Savings
              Browse ads from your local Home Depot Store

              Product Reviews by customers

              Product Reviews
              Make decisions with insights from other customers  

              Sign in with Touch ID & Face ID

              Sign in with Touch ID & Face ID
              Easy access to all the app features

              FREE PICKUP IN 2 HOURS
Online orders filled fast at any store

              Why Do You Need The Home Depot Mobile App? 

              Download the The Home Depot Mobile App to your iPhone, iPad or Android device to save time, money and stay organized. It’s so convenient, it’s like having a Home Depot store associate in your pocket. DIY or PRO, we’re here to support your projects every step of the way.

              App Saves Time, Money & Keeps Projects on Target

              Find items in the exact aisle and bay in the store with the Home Depot store map. Talk or chat with an online associate to get immediate assistance. Use the barcode lookup to find detailed information on a product.

              Or, visualize what a an item will actually look like in your space with a 3D image. Make shopping lists you can’t lose and keep track of your receipts and orders. Use our home improvement app to stay on top of your to-do lists. Save big with our Special Buy of the Day and other promotional offers.

              For Our Pro Users
              We make it easy for Pros to save money and stretch their project budget with new lower prices, bulk purchasing options and Pro-exclusive offers.

              For Our DIY Users
              You can use our shopping app to make home improvement projects a success from every angle. We offer a treasure trove of guidance on how to tackle all kinds of projects from simple to more complex, and give friendly advice on style tips and decor ideas.

              We’re always thinking about ways to support your projects and make shopping more convenient. Plus, it’s free and easy to use.

              Certain features - voice & image search, barcode scan and augmented reality - are exclusive to the phone version of the app.